And…Congratulations for taking the first step in your journey to learning English, the Fun and Easy way.  We are dedicated to reminding you that You Can Do It!  All you need is some energy and a lot of passion…then watch as miracles can and do happen.

What does English: Fun and Easy offer you?

We offer you convenience.  Book your lessons when and where it is convenient for you ~ in the comfort of your own home ~ at your favourite cafe ~ anytime, anywhere.

We offer you customized programs, tailored made for you.  During our online consultation, we determine your learning goals and assess what your current strengths are.  From that point on you receive immediate feedback as we work on your goals together.

We offer you quality service with exceptional pricing. Your tutor has been trained and certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Higher Education as an Instructor, she has also been certified by TESOL/TEFL, and is currently tutoring with  ESLSAP (English as a Second Language Settlement Assistance Program).  With our value pricing, our 20-minute consultation for the low fee of  $5.99, and our referral program, English:Fun and Easy is an unbeatable package.

To get started with your English: Fun and Easy private lessons all you need to do is:

1. Sign up for your Free Skype account.                                                                     (Click on “Learn”, then click “What is Skype?”, then click “Get Started”)

2. Get a good headset and camera for your computer.

3.  Fill out the English: Fun and Easy Registration Form

4.  Book your 20-minute Consultation session for $5.99, then book the lesson package of your choice.

5. Use your free PayPal account to finish the process.

6. For this last step: return to the Registration page and add your “SKYPE NAME’ to the form.  Once we have that we will call you through Skype for your Consultation and all your lessons.  

*At the time of your booked appointment it is important to be ready to start:  Have your Skype account activated and on screen with the sound on so you can see and hear when we call ~ otherwise we will lose the session.

Note: All steps must be completed before lessons can start.

After that, all that’s left to do is track your progress on your exciting journey of learning English the Fun and Easy way!

In the meantime please make use of all my free resources and skill builders.   Check the site often as I am always adding more activities.

Please contact me for more information about private online tutoring or our upcoming online courses in the “reply box”.

Note to all former and current students:                                                                         Please keep in touch with me through the ‘reply box’ ,  I would love to hear about all the exciting things you’re doing and how learning English as a second language has changed your life. Don’t forget to brush up on your skills by using the resources provided on this site.


Watch this short TED TALK to help get yourself MOTIVATED!   Kiran Bir Sethi shows you the magic that can happen when she taught children ‘I Can’Remember: you can do it too!  Learn English the Fun and Easy way.



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